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The goal of Panamantis is to empower the individual through mass collaboration. This is done by giving everyone the tools they need to discover or create a free market. For example, improve the quality of your campus life with a web application for used books, car pooling and borrowed item lists.

Today, any person with an idea can access the tools and systems that experts use. Rather then recreating the wheel, society should utilized the proven ‘world views’ (or Pods) that have developed throughout our history. Afterall, most problems are more complicated then a 30 minute sitcom.

Supporting material



Similar to how different cameras can capture a picture of the same landscape, a general ontology can be used to describe the accepted view of current business models, organizations, people, places or even ideas. This busy diagram contains all the elements needed to describe any conceptual object.

Learning Diary Manuscript

The Blue Hat System is a collection of best practices for personal development, creativity tips and business innovation. Developing your own learning diary is an essential step in understanding and expanding your circle of influence.

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